A Look into the Past: Behind-The-Scenes Celebrity Photos

You may be a big fan of celebrities, but you likely have never seen your favorites like this. We’ve gathered a collection of images of celebrities taken throughout the years, with figures like Madonna, Carrie Fisher, and Brad Pitt. Enjoy these great photos of pop stars, athletes, musicians, entertainers and more.


Stephen Hawking and Jane Wilde-Hawking, 1965

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking and His Former Wife, Jane Wilde-Hawking, in 1965. Jane met Steven in the early 1960s while both were at university. Steven was diagnosed with ALS shortly after they got engaged. The couple married and had three children after Hawking’s diagnosis: Robert, Lucy and Timothy.


Robert Downey Jr. and Mike Tyson, 1986

Robert Downey Jr. and Mike Tyson posing for a photograph together in 1986. Both Downey and Tyson would take career detours to prison, with Downey in and out of jail due to substance abuse and Tyson convicted of rape. Downey eventually made a comeback by starring in the Iron Man movies for Marvel, while Tyson had a key role in a comedy, The Hangover.


The Mickey Mouse Club, 1993

Justin Timberlake and Ryan Gosling starred together on the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club in 1993, along with Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Before they were 2017 Oscar nominees, the former Mouseketeers were roommates while they filmed for Disney. Timberlake’s family were legal guardians for Gosling while his mother returned home to work in Canada.


The Nevermind Cover Shoot, 1991

Krist Novoselic, Dave Grohl and Kurt Cobain photographed for the Nevermind album cover shoot in Los Angeles in 1991. Cobain committed suicide just three years later. 2016 was the 25th anniversary of the Grunge rock classic album.


Elvis Presley and Family, 1959

Elvis Presley, his father Vernon and grandmother Minnie Mae in 1959, while Elvis was in Germany with the United States Army. Elvis served in the military during the height of his popularity. Minnie Mae, who lived with Elvis at Graceland, outlived her son and grandson. She died in 1980 at age 90.


Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher, 1980’s

Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher in the 1980s, wearing Star Wars winter jackets. The duo played siblings Luke and Leia in the Star Wars Trilogy. Hamill recently said “part of me did fall in love” with Fisher, but “he couldn’t have handled her as a girlfriend.” Fisher died on December 27, 2016. Her last Star Wars was, to our best knowledge, The Force Awakens. Whether she will appear in the The Last Jedi has yet to be confirmed.


Janis Joplin, 1969

Janis Joplin enjoying the scene at Woodstock in 1969. Janis headlined the festival, playing her set at 2:00 am on Saturday, following a nearly 10-hour delay. Janis stuck around for the remainder of the festival, enjoying sets by Joe Cocker, Jimi Hendrix, Crosby, Stills & Nash and Sly and the Family Stone.


George Clooney, 1989

 George Clooney, 1989


George Clooney as an unknown actor in 1989. The promotional headshots were taken when Clooney was 28 years old. After 13 failed pilots and seven TV shows, Clooney was cast as surgeon Doug Ross on the NBC show ER five years later. The show catapulted Clooney to stardom resulting in several huge movie roles.


The Rock and His Fasther, 1981

Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson and his father Wayde Douglas Bowles in 1981. Bowles was a Canadian professional wrestler who went by the professional name “Rocky Johnson.” In 1983, Rocky was recruited by the WWE, where he teamed up with Tony Atlas to win a tag team championship. Rocky wrested from the 1960s until 1991, when he started training Dwayne as a wrestler. Rocky was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2008 along with his father-in-law “High Chief” Peter Maivia, who was billed as “the Flyin Hawaiian.”


The Cast of 10 Things I Hate About You, 1999

Heath Ledger, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Julia Stiles, and Larisa Oleynik pose for a picture during the filming of the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. The teen movie was an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play The Taming of the Shrew, which was reimagined as taking place in an American high school. The film has been ranked as one of the top 20 teen comedies by various critics.


David Bowie, 1972

David Robert Jones, otherwise known as David Bowie, in 1972. The always colorful singer created the ZIggy Stardust character in 1972. HIs androgynous alter ego catapulted Bowie to worldwide superstardom during the glam-rock era of the mid-1970s. Bowie sadly passed away in January 2016.


Sofia Vergara, 1989

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara in 1989. The young Colombian was discovered by a photographer while walking on the beach as a young teenager. Vergara opted to work as a model and was picked to star in a Colombian Pepsi commercial at age 17.


Brad Pitt and Christina Applegate, 1988

Brad Pitt and Christina Applegate on a date to the MTV Music Awards in 1988. Applegate, who was then starring in the TV show Married With Children, famously ditched Pitt mid-show to hook up with another man. Although Applegate admitted that she dumped Pitt mid-date, she has never revealed who she went home with that night. Pitt went on to high profile romances with Juliette Lewis, Robin Givens, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.


Kurt Cobain, 1992

Kurt Cobain offering Ronald McDonald a cigarette in Singapore. Nirvana toured Asia in February of 1992. The band wanted to schedule a show during a Singapore stopover, but their manager was unable to make one happen. The band attempted to play an impromptu live show at a park, but were unable to secure the proper license. They left Singapore without playing a show.


Johnny Depp, 1990

Young Johnny Depp circa 1990. Depp was wearing a prison jumpsuit for the filming of John Waters’ Cry-Baby, about a group of delinquents in Baltimore in the 1950s. Although the film was not a box office hit, it has subsequently become a cult favorite.


Elvis Presley, 1950’s

Elvis Presley in the 1950s, in Memphis. Elvis recorded his first record in 1954 and became an instant sensation. Elvis’s music was a fusion of country and rhythm and blues, known as “rockabilly.” Elvis’s high-energy performances were controversial. His slow, grinding performance of “Hound Dog” on The Milton Berle Show outraged the critics, who soon dubbed him “Elvis the Pelvis.”


Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio, 1994

Mark Wahlberg and Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of The Basketball Diaries in 1994. DiCaprio has admitted he was not excited about co-starring with the actor who was then known as rapper “Marky Mark.” The two set aside their differences became friends. They re-teamed in 2006 for the movie The Departed.


Dakota Fanning and Brittany Murphy, 2003

Dakota Fanning and Brittany Murphy share a hug on the set of Uptown Girls in 2003. Fanning was just 9 years old when she co-starred with Murphy in the romantic comedy. Murphy passed away in 2009.


Marilyn Monroe, 1955

Marilyn Monroe reads James Joyce’s Ulysses on a playground in 1955. According to photographer Eve Arnold, Monroe was a huge fan of the Modernist novelist. Monroe started reading the book on a trip to the beach in Long Island. Arnold turned the moment into an impromptu photo shoot.


Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, 1907

Famous fathers of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung relaxing at a Turkish bath in 1907. The two met in 1906 when Jung sent Freud a copy of his most recent studies. The two had a famous first conversation, which reportedly lasted for 13 hours. Freud and Jung had a six-year correspondence before having a falling out over romance and work.


Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin, 1993

Elijah Wood and Macaulay Culkin during the filming of The Good Son in 1993. Culkin was coming off three huge hit movies in Home Alone, Home Alone II and Uncle Buck. In The Good Son, he played against type, as the psychopathic cousin to Wood’s character. The screenplay was written by English novelist Ian McEwan.


Eazy-E, 1989

Eric Wright, also known as “Eazy-E”, skateboarding in Venice Beach, California in 1989. Eazy-E was a member of N.W.A. At the time, Eazy-E had released his pioneering solo album Eazy-Duz-It. The album went double-platinum in the United States despite almost no radio or television promotion. Eazy-E is known as The Godfather of Gangsta Rap.


Leonardo DiCaprio, 1995

Young Leonardo DiCaprio in 1995. DiCaprio got his big break by starring in the later years of the hit sitcom Growing Pains in the early 1990s. After a role in the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape as the disabled brother of Johnny Depp, DiCaprio landed starring roles in The Basketball Diaries and Romeo + Juliette. In 1997, DiCaprio became a superstar in the movie Titanic.


Muhammad Ali and Elvis Presley, 1973

Muhammad Ali warming up with Elvis Presley before Ali’s 1973 fight with Joe Bugner. Ali is wearing a $300,000 robe given to him by Elvis. The robe is decorated with numerous rhinestones and jewels and is emblazoned with the words “The People’s Choice” on the back.


The Beatles, 1969

The Beatles preparing to shoot the iconic cover photograph of the album Abbey Road on August 8, 1969. Iain Macmillan, the photographer, climbed to the top of a stepladder positioned in the middle of the road. Abbey Road was the Beatles’ final studio album.


The Jenner-Kardashian Family

Bruce Jenner, Kris Kardashian and their children Kylie and Kendall Jenner in the early 1990s. Kim, Khloe and Rob Kardashian are also pictured. At the time, Kris Kardashian and her blended family were best known for being related to Bruce, who was the 1976 Olympic Gold Medalist in the Decathalon.


Marlon Brando, 1954

Screen legend Marlon Brando typing with his cat on his shoulder in 1954. Brando lived with cats throughout his life, once remarking that “I live in my cat’s house” – a sentiment that is shared by pet owners everywhere.


Brigitte Bardot, 1968

French model and actress Brigitte Bardot in a London pub, circa 1968. The photograph was taken by Ray Bellisario, considered by some to be the first paparazzi photographer. For this picture, he convinced Bardo to evade other paparazzi by joining him in a Bond Street Pub.


Jackson Five, 1969


The Jackson Five having fun on the beach in Malibu in 1969. The Gary, Indiana natives had just released their first album and made their initial television appearance. They signed their first record deal with Motown Records. In the next year, Michael, Jermaine, Randy, Tito and Jackie would score four hits on the Billboard album charts.


Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, 1994

Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera pose awkwardly in 1994. The two girls were both members of the Disney Mouseketeers, who performed on The Mickey Mouse Club, which aired on the Disney Channel in the 1990s. Spears started dating fellow Mouseketeer Justin Timberlake as teenagers.


Mariah Carey and Will Smith, 1988

Mariah Carey, 18, and Will Smith, 19, embrace at the 1988 KIIS FM Endless Summer Jam in Los Angeles in 1988. Smith was promoting his album Parents Just Don’t Understand, while Carey was two years from releasing her debut album, Visions of Love. Carey posted the picture for “Flashback Friday” on her Instagram.


Cassius Clay, 1954

Cassius Clay, 12 years old, strikes a boxing pose in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky in 1954.  Clay, eventually known as Muhammad Ali, won a boxing gold medal just six years later at the 1960 Summer Olympic Games in Rome.


Clint Eastwood, 1964

Clint Eastwood skateboarding in Rome, circa 1964. Eastwood was filming Sergio Leone’s movie A Fistful of Dollars. Leone was still a relatively unknown director, but his collaboration with Eastwood on the Dollar Trilogy made both superstars. Leone pioneered the genre of Westerns made in Europe – which were called “Spaghetti Westerns.”


Sophia Loren and Marlon Brando, 1954

Sophia Loren and Marlon Brando at a cinema in Rome on November 11, 1954. Brando was in Rome to receive the Francesco Pasinetti Prize for his performance in the film On The Waterfront. Italian actress Loren acted in many films in the early 1950s, but did not become an international box office star until her five-picture deal with Paramount Pictures in 1958.


Jay Z, 1990’s

Jay Z, also known by his birth name Shawn Corey Carter, poses for his middle school graduation. Jay Z then attended high school at George Westinghouse Career and Technical Education High School in New York City. His classmates included future rappers The Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes. Jay Z did not graduate from high school, dabbling in drugs before turning to music.


Shaq and Bill Gates, 1990’s

NBA star Shaquille O’Neal and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates, horsing around at the Boys and Girls Club in southeast Washington, D.C. The David and Goliath pair teamed up to fund an online safety program for children called “Stay Safe Online.” The  program was tested in 15 schools across the United States.


Madonna, Sting and Tupac, 1994

Madonna, Sting, and Tupac Shakur, hanging out together at a dinner party in 1994. Madonna recently revealed that she dated the talented rapper three years before he was killed in 1996. They were introduced by actress Rosie Perez when the three attended the Soul Train Music Awards in 1993.


Wilt Chamberlain, 1962

Wilt Chamberlain running during a high school track meet in 1962. Although Chamberlain was best known as a Hall of Fame basketball player, he was quite an athlete in Track and Field. He ran both short sprints, middle distance and competed in jumping events at the University of Kansas.


Pablo Escobar, 1981

Infamous Medellin cartel boss Pablo Escobar posing with his son, Juan Pablo Escobar, in front of the White House in 1981. The “King of Cocaine” was one of the wealthiest men in the world, at one time bringing in an estimated $420 million a week in revenue for supplying 80 percent of the world’s cocaine. Escobar smuggled 15 tons of cocaine into America every day.


Michael Jordan, 1983

Michael Jordan joking around in his Chapel Hill college dorm room for CBS Sports in 1983. Jordan would leave the University of North Carolina in 1994, when he was selected with the number 2 draft pick by the Chicago Bulls. Jordan went on to become arguably the greatest basketball player of all time.